How to design a super hero and street fashion

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Whether I am designing a new hero or transform an established, generally speaking, I try to keep the design simple and streamlined as possible. A question that I often use and designed to be “a child from memory to re-design a small box of crayons?” Some of the most iconic and popular superhero costume design by this test. Simple equals portrait. Recognizable apparel can keep up with the proper contact times. In this walkthrough, I will discuss the current trends, superhero comics, to show you how to design and street style superhero!

In this exercise, the base we created a new role. Start with the basics: Our character is a 21-year-old woman with superhuman agility, strength and speed, as well as retractable claws and night vision. She goes black Jaguar and patrolling the roof of New York City. From these characteristics, we can begin to infer design choice.

Step 1: Do your research!

Based on the characteristics of black Jaguar, we can reduce some of the basic aspects of character design. Google is your friend! Her nimble, so the Olympic gymnast to see what version of the type and form, we are dealing with. Information Research photos and black jaguar inspired aesthetics and design elements. Pull up a line with your character appearance and fighting style masks and weapons photo reference. My favorite source of design inspiration is from a particular fabric, seams and overall coordination for sports equipment and modern fashion. These notices inform of clothing, can immediately convey your character is how one thing.

If you redesign an already established role, it is important to look back at their old costumes, look at their origins and evolution of design. History and research will help you see you may not have the processing mode.

Step 2: Start brainstorming

Now, we have some ideas of black jaguar, we can move on to the fun part – graffiti and rough with some ideas. Whether you are sketching a blank document in Adobe Photoshop (I tend to use a 5.5 “× 8.5”, 600 DPI in CMYK mode file) or other digital painting application, start sketching your research and use photos and information idea.

Because I think based on fashion design has a lot of my superhero costume, many of my preliminary sketches I’ve seen from social media sites, such as the tumblr, fashion blog, television and film fashion pull. Looking for fashion and fashion blog depicted in modern style, attract your character and the type you are designing. A teenage role will be different from a child or senior dress up characters, for example.

What is the great part about fashion is that it is an outlet, everyone can use to express themselves. Play different silhouette, pattern, fabric and texture, until you see their attire character.

Step 3: Draw some design

Now, we’ve got what we want for our costume design for the black Jaguar some ideas, we can begin the formation of our character even more stereotypes. I like my draw a second mask, because it is a Jaguar leaner, more stylized recommendations. This is a little less severe, while revealing more user-friendly features (nose, flowing hair, etc.) and some of the sharper, more stylish (less, more angular shape). I want to show the hair and nose so that the design is a bit more convenient, practical and even more beautiful.

I propose to make at this stage, from friends and family design feedback. They make for a great reflection plate, they can call attention to some of you may have missed your own, especially if you do not have a major fashion followers.

Step 4: Complete your design!

Now we have something we are pleased that we can put it all together, and draw out a final design. Once you have presented their clothing full of personality applied research and experimentation, with your original idea, you’re all set. Do not just let the design sitting on your hard drive, though. Feedback will help you in your next design. Our popular tumblr or any social media platform, you like the release and get some eyes on your work.

Repeat the process, you can create comic story or draw the shape magazine full of fashion superhero from his own pen.