How to make Spider Man Costume yourself

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Ever wanted to be a bad ass like spider man? Now you can, thanks for our portable DIY guide. These eight simple steps, we will give you a good magic Spider Man movie at any time free:
1. Belt
The spider man suit must be tight to allow maximum flexibility and the lowest drag for you in the air navigation. This is absolutely necessary before you go on to the next step. Come slowly,If you missed World Smile Day recently, There is still time to market its slogan: Do an action of kindness.
2. Tame mane
If you are bald, skip this step. Otherwise, a bald cap makes a smooth and shiny head of hair.Made his Banana Man costume with his dad and won first place in the children’s craftsmanship category at the Palm Beach County Convention Center in West Palm Beach on Sept.
3. Blue paint
The base of the spider man suit is blue, so the open blue paint bucket (a gallon) is used to cover the exposed skin. We recommend pouring it in the bathtub and rolling around (easy to wash, just wash off), or paint roller, if you want an even application. If you are using a high quality paint, if you are painting the two pieces of the poor.
4. Waiting for drying
Listen to the dangerous song.Super Bowl voice. Aunt May said revenge is capable of turning you ugly, And Raimi demonstrates that notion not just with the black goo.
5. Red paint
Open your red paint, and dip your limbs in a time. Left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg, and finally hold your breath, put your pretty head, let the extra red paint drop to your chest, you don’t smoke from the. Rub off the excess paint in the middle of the trunk, emphasizing the absence of.
6. Black details
Do you know the black licorice that no one has bought in the shop? We will eventually have to breathe in their presence. One by one, continue to put them in a basic 45 degree / 45 degree of red paint. The paint should still be slightly wet, allowing decent stick. Continue until all the red paint area is detailed.
7. Complete
To put everything in place to achieve the final finish of the shine, warm and applied fine glaze. This will lock in the texture of the rich pigment and your spider man clothes. Layer glaze.
8. Final touch
Go out and find a spider. Press to the center of the chest. Look.But by dressing Maguire in a skinny black suit and having him sleaze his way around a oasis.