Miracles News Review – Spider-Man’s new costume more

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News from around the Marvel Universe has been trickling out over the last few weeks of this, we come round them.

First of all, could this mysterious Twitter account, due to the Russo brothers who are at the helm of Captain America: Civil War, the first image that we all make fun of the new Spider-Man costume? (According to James Gunn – no).

Addition to rumors, there have appeared some official Spider-Man meditating. Writers John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein for their new movie vacation in an interview spoke briefly about the humor of Peter Parker feeling.

“He’s a sharp kid, funny is the fact that he was an outcast, and by a trade-humor is a freak. It is the kind of safety net for geeks like us, so I think we can It relates to where he came from. as well as a superpower, we have. ”

Director Qiao Enwa related EW direction he wants to take Spider-Man speech.

More from Captain America: Civil War has begun to emerge, and Martin Freeman laughed at his mysterious role when BadTaste interview.

Miracle is ushering in a second stage, the way they did the end of Phase 1: The Collector’s Edition package. For about $ 250 you can get a 13 to all six with tons of bonus features and a cool box and Phase 2 MCU movie, looks like the Galaxy Guard force gems.

Rounding out the news Avengers: ULTRON age of digital and video release date and ants who have an alternate ending.