Are we entering the era of the real superhero costume?

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Spirit Design Batgirl and Spider-Woman, of course, behind a very attractive person people modern methods: ditching skin tight body suits and sturdy leather jacket, practical boots, belts and cuffs instead. Their design, not just the meaning of the “street level” close heroes like Barbara and Jessica – from materials and equipment, they will have easier access to the production of clothing, those in the mixing ratio of spandex onesie a little more – but there those prone to echo around the great modern comic role-playing culture. They, it is easy to imitate the real world of fashion design, the fans can be easily converted into a convention or a Halloween costume or whatever. They provide best of both worlds, clothing is a little more credible (because, as comic book fans, though this happens, we always want to nitpick small details like clothing strange logic), and repeat the mantra practicality, while also Looking for clothing -Y, that their work superheroic characters. They also both happen to look good, which helps them very attractive!

Are we entering the era of the real superhero costume?
Therefore, it is what we should start to see more comic book – women and men, like heroes? This will be a cool trend, and not everyone around ran spandex suit. Something a little more design, more texture, not just make something that looks more interesting (though not when it just for the sake of material – see extra lines around 52 in the new suit design as a bad example) aesthetic, so from a practical sense point of view, but also easier to translate into the real world – considering that we live in a world where superheroes is our biggest-grossing movie star, the kind of design approach is justified when these characters are considered to adapt to favorite movies and TV shows live media. Take a look at the roster miracle movie stars, or arrows and Flash on television – of course, they still wear tights, but buckle and texture and zippers and whatnot. They look like, it will be practical to wear, instead of fancy dress costumes, costumes. These practical clothing design idea is that school is just a logical extension, then why should not we be seeing more heroes to take similar aesthetic?

However, from another point of view to deal with it, do superhero costume to see reality? I mean, not only have these spandex design has become an important part of the iconic images and text, and promote our minds for many years, but also help to make these characters stand out – they order to do this, whether it is In terms of visual and becoming a superhero. It would be boring if every hero trying to distort the reality of ordinary people look vaguely – Batgirl still has her cloak, for example, but the new digs Jess extraordinarily pedestrian retracted with her glasses, her coat open because they are the characters in Chris Anka card. They fantasy fantasy people do something, you should stand up, and clothing is the strange part of it. They are different moments, one knew it was like this, and we, because it attracted to them. Of course, bats and spiders female women still have the visual impact of the design, but they look is not necessarily suitable for the process of each character – if everyone tries to do it, what it will be, will wear thin pretty fast, and may become by far the aesthetics here and now. There are some timeless about spandex superhero suit – after all, to see how long they lasted us. Because of practical, does not mean it has disappeared.

So why not target both worlds and inject a bit of practicality become popular historic tradition superhero spandex? Spider Gwen in 2014 my favorite cartoon design is very easy, the kind of cross that line for me. Not only a bodysuit meaningful agile hero like those blessed with spider power – lack of physical protective clothing made her spider-sense balance and ultra agility- but apart like a pump or mask elements / hood modernization is not just that it is a tight tights look. It is perfect? Maybe not, but it definitely is a design approach, I said something not just general superhero suit is a little different fans. It does not go too far, in the perspective of a radical new design is similar to female bats and spiders women – but it is a suit from a common way to move a little bit further, while still retaining that strong iconic image This has been part of the comic.

What do you think – is a new era of women’s fashion bats and spiders female superhero costume, or do you think this is part of the design of the icon for decades, or should remain king spandex tights?