Batman v Superman costume designer opened a related study film

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In today’s world, superhero movie stars who can not even open their mouth upcoming projects, it is difficult to understand what these high-profile movies like it. However, if there is a person, you can count on to give you a quote, which is Batman v Superman costume designer Michael Wilkinson. Wilkinson has not been shy about saying the film and visual effects, and in the choice of a new interview with the people, he made some new bit about the film and its super suit.

“In order to prepare the design of costumes for Batman v Superman, I really did my homework. I have a long history of these iconic characters immerse themselves in. I studied how they are portrayed in movies over the past 75 years on television, comic books, graphic novels and video games I studied what they mean people, what they represent and why they are important, I began an exhaustive search for new materials and new technology – shaping these roles, which will It is completely different from the way viewers have seen the original. I want to dress, to help make the characters associated inspirational modern audience.

“We adjust our Iron Man suit of Superman costume is very small. We streamlined clothing plus sharpened a little detail, in order to accommodate more secular (less alien) environment of the film. The batsuit from the previous film avatar of a complete 180-degree turn – our Batman’s strength comes from his amazing physical strength and fighting skills, rather than from the armor director Zack Snyder wanted him to look like a cartoon version is better – to be respect for the original source for Wonder Woman’s suit before, and she had never seen the movie, so there is nothing to compare it to! Of course there are TV programs from clothing. Zach hope that our character is an intense and raw fear of the soldiers – gritty, battle-hardened and immortal ……. Zach has a great idea to have subconsciously some of the details contained in the package Krypton script, so we made that happen. Wonder Woman has weapons of ancient Greek script. My favorite detail batsuit are in glove brass knuckles. ”

Wilkinson also provides a brief portrayal of Jason Mamoa provocative Aquaman, he said the actor did not want to remove the equipment.

“It is quite difficult, so Jason got his Aquaman clothing. It really became a part of him.”

Batman vs. Superman: Justice dawn starring Henry Cavill in the Clark Kent / Superman, and Ben Affleck in the role of Bruce Wayne / Batman. The film also stars Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman / Wonder Woman, Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne and Diane Lane from the text of steel, Jesse Eisenberg as Rex · Luthor, Jeremy Irons Alfred, and Holly Hunter in the newly created role for the film return. Jason Momoa will also make the appearance of Aquaman.

From a screenplay by David Goyer · S · director Zack Snyder, written by Chris Terrio, the film by Charles Roven and Deborah Snyder and Benjamin Melniker, Michael · Uslan hotels, Wesley Coller, David · S · Goyer and Geoff Johns as producer administrative producers.Batman v Superman: In the March 25, 2016 to open the setting dawn of justice on a global scale.